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It hit me a few nights ago that I haven't really written anything in a while. About a month really, and I didn't want to leave a continuous blank much longer. It's hard to think that after over a year... Continue Reading →



I barely noticed these two yesterday.  They were so calm and unconcerned about me passing by that I could have believed they were just lawn ornaments. When I did notice them, I tried my best not to disturb them, but... Continue Reading →

Artificial Light

Continuing on with getting some older poems out there, this is a poem I wrote well I couldn't sleep on what I can safely assume was a cold January night in 2007. Finding myself unable to sleep I passed the... Continue Reading →

Summer’s Coming

A few months ago I resolved to start posting some of my other writing, and this morning I found myself leafing through some of my old poems. I came across a lot of different stuff, a lot of poems of... Continue Reading →

Burning Bright

Of all the ways to describe the sun as it meets the horizon, referring to it as a fire seems the most fitting.  With clouds in the sky, the sun lights them aflame with colour in the fading moments of... Continue Reading →


There is always something incredible about watching nature in action.  Watching a bird flutter about from field to nest, creating a home on a spring afternoon;  Watching a squirrel bound from tree to tree, finding all the food the was... Continue Reading →

If You Were The Sun

The cycle of the world is never-ending, progressing slowly each day from daylight to dusk, falling into the darkness of night, only to begin anew each morning with the coming of dawn. All things in the world are like that,... Continue Reading →

The Road To Nowhere

Some days I see a well trampled, narrow dirt road, and I just have to take it.  I feel this need to see what lies at its end, or just what lies between where I am and where it ends.... Continue Reading →

Skewed View

The rain often offers a different perspective on things we see every day.  It makes the city seem bleak and grey, and the countryside often appears to be full of brighter colours than normal. A view that it offers that... Continue Reading →

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