So I thought since I posted a sonnet with where my head is at now, it would be worth it to set some context as to where I was at prior to April 18th.  This is the last poem I wrote before then;

From March 8, 2016

Heartbreak can be a harshly unfavourable thing.

But one must ask, what does heartbreak really bring?

Loneliness of course, is first to set in.

And it does not fade like a punch in the chin.

Soon though a sense of freedom takes hold.

And you remember the old line “Fortune favours the bold!”

One finds themself taking that once passed over risk.

Moving forward with a motivation that is refreshingly brisk.

Then some day soon love finds one anew.

And sets that nearly forgotten heartbreak askew.

A subtle reminder always arrives from the past.

Only to prove that harsh, unfavourable heartbreak won’t last.

Thus heartbreak leads one forward to greater love.

Catching ones heart, after heartbreaks hard shove.