I got this crazy idea a little while ago to write a poem every day.  Unfortunately for me the person that inspired me to this may never read any of the sonnets I have been writing, because as a guy sometimes I struggle with just settling for being myself, and have this overwhelming urge to act like a teenage boy and keep my feelings to myself.

I’m sure I’ll get over that eventually, but for now I will start with posting what I have been inspired to write in my blog.  I’ll typically be a day behind with the poem, starting from yesterday, May 5th 2016 which is actually the 18th poem I’ve written since I met the individual that inspired me to start this.  So far I have been effectively writing a poem a day since April 18th, 2016 and if I stop it’s because I have given up on my feelings, or I have found that I don’t really feel the way I think I do now.

For the record, every poem I have written is unedited, and will remain that way.  I feel strongly that as long as it’s not jibberish, it’s worth it to keep it the same for the sake of holding true to the emotion of the poem as it was written.

Here’s poem #1. Enjoy!

May 5, 2016

I laughed when I thought this should be Cinco de Mayo themed.

The funny part is that in my siesta, it was of you I dreamed.

It was, or never has been of any naughty thing.

Although, I am quite sure those would be equally exciting.

It is just simply a vision of your face and smile.

Seemingly that vision may haunt me for a while.

Just that thought brings me a world of happiness.

Maybe it is just believing that you are feeling some bliss.

I hope for the whole worlds sake that belief is right.

For I know for me that smile could light up any day or night.

My only real wish is that I can see the real thing, even once more.

Although, that will likely leave me once again wishing for.

Either way I will hold on tight to that hope.

Even if it is a constantly unraveling rope.