I got at it early today thanks to a little added inspiration from the daily post prompt on sacrifice.  It helps that I was in a bit of a writing mood when I woke up too.  So here’s my poem for the day.

May 7, 2016

What would you sacrifice for the one that brings you joy?

I would give up nothing, for sacrifice is a ploy.

Sacrifice is the suggestion that for something you would give in.

When the reality is, if you want it, give everything.

Never give it away. Keep giving it your all.

Never sacrifice what you have. Keep going, even after you fall.

Give it your everything, but never give up.

Victory is sweeter, when you have earned a sip from its cup.

Do not stop fighting. Do not cede ground.

The opportunity to win over happiness is all around.

I have lived my entire life in this way.

Not sacrificing for anyone or anything, on any day.

Then you came along, and I really understood.

Sacrifice is washing away all the bad, for something good.