I have two poems to post today.  Since it’s Mothers Day I thought I should do something for my Mom, so that will follow in my second post.  First though, I once again owe a little bit of inspiration to the daily prompt word of the day stroll.  A nice little reminder of where I got the inspiration to start into this.

May 8, 2016

It has been nearly three weeks since our stroll together.

The consistency of you on my mind, I can still not untether.

Before that day it seems I was just inhabiting this space.

Now I wake up every day ready to leave my mark on this place.

It seems before you my whole life was a delusion.

Stumbling through my day in some state of confusion.

I remember my whole past, the bad and the good.

It all led to meeting you, to trade it away, I never could.

It is as if I could have survived utter hell.

Just a few moments with you and that evil I could quell.

Before meeting you, I know my life was filled with childish behaviour.

So in finding the reason I want to be a man. I name you my saviour.

That simple, short lived stroll with you could last a lifetime.

Maybe though, we can go for another sometime.