Prior to a few weeks ago I don’t know that I could have written this.  I have always written poems when inspiration strikes me, which has normally been a bit of a rarity.  Since I have this seemingly endless supply of inspiration now, I think I owe it to my Mom to write her something that I think she would be proud of.  Plus it’s always a good thing when you can make your Mom cry tears of joy.

For Mom.

If you can, please pass this along to my Mom.

For as always, it has been to long since I have been home.

You can tell her, as always, I miss her dearly.

Although, lately I remember all her advice more clearly.

I know as her son, at times I have left her disappointed.

Sometimes, I am sure, I have even left her disjointed.

The truth is though, I owe it to her to be a better young man.

She raised me well, under a well oiled plan.

I just lost my way, holding on to being a boy.

I had not yet learned that living in this world, is not playing with a toy.

My naivety has led me through heartbreak and loss.

My Mom has always been there for me though, at all cost.

So if you see her, pass this along for me, to let her know.

The man she raised me to be is not here yet, but he is still going to show.