Funny day for me today, I kept rolling questions around in my head. So in the spirit of that I wrote this:

May 9, 2016

How can it feel like it could be enough to have just met someone?

For that one meeting has led me to see all lifes evils, I can shun.

How is it that my whole life seems to have changed in a moment?

For I feel like I now own my piece of the world, no longer just rent.

What is it about that moment that changed my whole outlook?

For it seems that I have read some secret enlightening book.

Why did that moment come now, not before?

For it seems such a late time in life to change at the core.

Who was this young woman, that seems to have forced out my best?

For I have never found this before, from any life test.

The only answer I know for sure is when.

For I saw this answer in you, and I knew right then.

Now I am left to ponder all the questions remaining.

They all lead me to think of you, so I’m not complaining.