The best things in life can draw at a full range of emotion.

They really make you stop and think, amongst all life’s commotion.

It is a pleasure to find something like that in this hectic world.

While so many lives around you are constantly unfurled.

Something that touches you so deep, you cannot help but cry.

Sometimes you just need that, without a real reason why.

A memory that pops into your mind that elicits a smile.

More of us could use that every once in a while.

A gentle touch that can pull us out of a rage.

That person that can keep our anger locked in its cage.

A reassuring embrace that can lift us from the deepest sadness.

That warmth that steps in and saves us from impending madness.

Find those people and things that draw out these emotions, and hold them tight.

Those are the rocks you can lean on when you need to find your might.


I was just feeling a second one coming together this evening so I thought I should share it too.  Thanks for reading.