As the days pass by, I do not think of you less.

I actually think of you more, I must confess.

This constant reminder of you in my head is such a strange sensation.

Although it does contribute to my constant state of elation.

I know nothing about you, but that I saw your glowing kindness.

It seems that thought of you is driving me mindless.

There is no doubt though, that you are full of passion.

That bit of you has inspired me in some great fashion.

I have no time now for my mind to take even a short recess.

I am compelled to keep words flowing, from what was so recently a mess.

It may only be a matter of time before my mind returns to vacation.

Until then I must eke out every bit of creation.

I owe you the world for helping me find my best.

If I get the chance, I will work to give it to you without any rest.


I woke up in the night and just had to write this one.  If this becomes a regular occurence I’m not going to get much sleep.