Every once in a while everyone gets a chance to experience something that changes their life.  Whether it be a person, a place you visited, a good book or just a really good pint, anything that gives you a chance to better yourself or increase your knowledge and awareness of the world, is a positive addition to your life.

I recently had one of these experiences (if you read backwards you’ll know what), and this poem was written to reflect that.

May 11, 2016

When you try and try, but feel like you never actually earn.

You almost give up, then life suddenly takes a delightful turn.

In that moment it does not matter that you were ready to cash in.

You realize that no matter what you will make it through the din.

Everything in your life seems to finally come together.

All of your heavy weighing worries, become as light as a feather.

Your broken spirits are instantly on the mend.

It is as if all the bad in your life came to its halting end.

Your mind no longer wanders to your vile past.

Those memories that haunted you have seen their last.

Your mind is suddenly focussed on a bright future.

Your past is now sealed behind a tight suture.

That one moment succeeds in pulling you from a darkness so smothering.

Now with everything that comes to you, you feel your life furthering.