This one comes from a really special moment for me.  This morning when I started getting ready for work, I realized that I forgot the water was being shut off in my building for maintenance.  Under normal circumstances, I know I would have freaked out a little, but today I just shrugged it off.

Really it’s no big deal.  I could be displaced from my city like those from Fort McMurray, or I could be waking up just hoping I get a meal today like many people living in poverty all over the world.  So, I wrote this;

May 12, 2016

No inconvenience can hold me back.

I will be fine no matter what I lack.

Going without is such a simple thing.

Especially, knowing that of what I need, I have everything.

Nothing in life is any great amenity.

When just a single thought can provide such amity.

What else could I need, ,when a single thought gets me through?

The external world cannot touch me with an ideal internal view.

This thought may now possess my mind.

Though, a reason to forget it I cannot find.

I know because of it, I can survive any discomfort.

That thought in itself provides the needed comfort.

Nothing in life is really any inconvenience.

Just another obstacle, from which I can easily distance.