I was inspired to write this by a song I heard today. The song being “From the ground up” by Dan and Shae. It addresses how love is something that is built and becomes greater with time. I’m of the mindset that anything good in life works that way.  It takes some effort to make it happen, and the more effort you put in the better it gets.
May 14, 2016
Our greatest achievements are the things that we build.
Those are our dreams and imagination fulfilled.
To create something amazing from nearly nothing.
That is how you make something that is everlasting.
Greatness starts from a solid foundation.
It is built brick by brick into an envious creation.
It can start simply from an idealistic thought.
Only from there can perfection be wrought.
The starting point must be sought on even ground.
From there, opportunity to grow is all around.
Then together the most exceptional things can be built.
When the passion of creation is so openly spilt.
From nothing or something it starts from the heart.
Imaginitive creation flowing into pure art.