In the last week I have had the opportunity to catch up with a few old friends.  As per usual when that happens you end up bringing each other up to speed on what’s happened in your lives, since the last time you talked or saw each other.  The conversation has become a little more prevalent for me lately, as a few years ago I entered into a very difficult time in my life and ended up basically shutting myself in and only keeping in contact with my closest friends and family.

For the last year I have slowly gotten back in touch with old friends, and have just generally been getting back to my normal sociable self.  I realized this weekend that talking about that tough time in my life has become a lot easier, and that I am coming to a point in my life that my demons aren’t so scary anymore.  A little of that is acceptance that it is a part of my life that I can never cut out completely, but mostly its coming to the point of knowing that as tough as things were for me, I own it, and it has made me a better person.

In honour of coming to that realization, and getting closer to really being the person I want to be, I wrote this;

We all have our own demons we struggle with inside.

There comes a point in life where we must deal with them in stride.

We can no longer just cede emotional control over our life.

Life cannot really be lived under the blade of that knife.

That demon holds no true power.

When we are in control, it will quickly cower.

Though it may never completely be vanquished.

Once we have risen over it, that cannot be relinquished.

We can gain control over what haunts our thoughts.

Instead of numbing them with pills and shots.

Our minds are ours, they belong to no one else.

Believing someone else can tame our demons is false.

They are called our demons by no coincidence.

Owning and accepting them is the path to our independence.