About 8 months ago I acquired a copy of the only album I had not yet listened to by my favourite singer/songwriter, Eric Church.  I listen to his music often, as I find that he is a great musical storyteller, and a lot of his songs I can relate to.  That being said, I had never heard his second album “Carolina” and specifically had never heard the title track until September of 2015.

Hearing “Carolina” from the first time, set me on a journey of sorts.  As I have mentioned before, I have written for years, but until recently had never really had the drive to keep at it and the inspiration to just make words flow effortlessly.  Everything I had written before four weeks ago was a project that I had assigned myself and had worked at for a long time to complete.  I had never written with pure passion.  So, after listening to “Carolina” on repeat for about a week, I decided it was time to start seeking something that inspired me as much as Eric Church represents his home state as being inspiring to him.

I have done a lot of searching, and who knows, maybe I still have a lot of searching left to do.  This sonnet is written as a testament to that journey.

A special moment in my life, was the time I heard my favourite song.

From that moment I knew that what was important to me could not be wrong.

I wanted from that second to find the one thing that would keep me inspired.

The one thing that brought out my best, of which I could never grow tired.

I had never before sought out a true artistic muse.

It never crossed my mind, that it was something I could use.

That song, for some reason, made the idea quite relevant.

Finding it became my obsession, on which I was Hell bent.

I searched down dusty back roads, and sketchy city alleys.

Looking around untouched lakes and pristine forested valleys.

Always, I expected to find it in a moment or a place.

Never, had I thought to find it in another’s face.

Yet here I am still sailing true.

On the wave of inspiration that I found in you.