I woke up to another beautiful day, and realized once again how much more I appreciate the things around me more now than I have for years.  It is odd, looking back on your life and realizing you have not appreciated things around you for so long you nearly forgot how to.  After all that, I wake up one morning and there it is, as if life has been waiting for me to catch up and show it some appreciation again.

I don’t want to sound preachy , but it is nice to find a reason to be happy at any time, and amazing to find something that gives you that every day.  On that topic, here is todays addition to my ongoing poetic journal.

Lately everything seems new, even the air feels fresher.

Life just feels lighter since being relieved of old pressure.

My body no longer lumbers around constantly slumped.

Since that moment heavy worries were forever dumped.

I carry myself now with a light satisfaction.

As if life has called my spirit to action.

Physically and mentally, I know I am stronger.

Drawing more from life, as if every day has been longer.

It is as if there is forever more from life to be taken.

Eking out my existence is now eternally forsaken.

This place I have earned through struggle and hardship.

Now the scales of life have finally begun to tip.

Every moment now I seek to better my existence.

For now I have found part of life’s most satisfying presence.