Do you ever feel like you’re missing information that you should be receiving to make an educated decision?  Whether it relates to a specific situation or just in general, a lack of information always effects how we view things.

For me, this relates to a specific situation right now, however I have definitely felt this way in other situations in the past.  The information might not be bad, it’s that the information just seems incomplete.  Almost like the caption doesn’t match the picture.

We have the choice to just believe it is true, or to find the reality of the situation on our own.  I tried to sum up that idea with this poem.

We are not always surrounded by things that are astounding.

More and more we are overwhelmed by things strange-sounding.

It is ever difficult to filter through the din.

The look at things most beautiful in now through a window so thin.

We are subjected relentlessly to what is on our side of the wall.

Convinced by the noise, that to climb over we would surely fall.

So we play it safe, steeped in skewed information.

Allowing our minds to take a permanent vacation.

At some point though, that wall we must scale.

We must find the real beauty out there, down a different trail.

Our great moments to come are often on a path unseen.

To find it could bring us to a reality so pristine.

It is time to risk for the benefit of our future.

Time to break free from this constricting culture.