This evenings post is country music radio inspired.  I was listening to the local country radio station here in Ottawa this afternoon, and “With you” by Emerson Drive came on.  I’ve always liked the song, but I have also always felt it was a tribute to losing someone that we wish was still here.  Today I took it as a wishful thinking tribute to rediscovering someone that you didn’t get the chance to really give it your all with.

I won’t ever deny that I’ve had a tough time over the last few years of my life, and in meeting new people I haven’t shown them the best of me for some time.  That is something I know that I am changing, and I actually feel like I have come a long way in a very short time.  There’s a few things that have happened in the last 6 months that I would love another chance at.  This poem is meant to touch on the most important one of those moments to me.

I did also mention this was country music radio inspired, the way it’s written came into my head thinking about the video for Eric Church’s “Record Year”, that starts with the kid writing lines.  So these are the lines I wrote on the theme “With You”.

With you for just a short time, and now I feel refreshed.

With you, I knew my story was just beginning to be etched.

With you, I know my life would move to a different tune.

With you, I hope I am again soon.

With you, I am sure I would be my best.

With you, I would hold you above all the rest.

With you, I will keep you safe from any circling vulture.

With you, I know I can for all of my future.

With you, if I could I would give you the moon and the sun.

With you, I would gladly be, until life is done.

With you, is the start of a perfect family.

With you, I could go without all else quite happily.

Give me a chance to be the man with you.

The only thing I think about any more is a future with you.