Another night went by, and I lost sleep again thinking about courting the right young lady for me.  In a way it is a welcome feeling, as I take a lot of joy from thinking about her, but at the same time I wonder how many days I can struggle through on minimal sleep.

Maybe I lack the courage to pursue her right now, or maybe I am not ready to find her.  Either way, I know I need to figure this out.  I cannot wait forever to fight for what I know is right.  If I wait too long, some lucky guy will get to her first.

Today I write about this internal struggle I am having with making a move or waiting and preparing to make sure I don’t screw it up.  Apparently, so far at least, my fear of screwing it up is keeping me at bay.

It is as if you are always around the next corner on the right.

Almost within reach, but just slightly out of sight.

I think I find a way to get closer, but you remain ahead of my grasp.

Always out of reach, beyond my desperate clasp.

It is as if I am getting there, just not quite ready.

To reach you too soon, I would be pulled under in a swirling eddy.

I know I can swim, but I would surely drown.

Too much is riding on you, for me to go down.

It is as if I must wait for just the right time.

Another hour I must wait, for the right bell to chyme.

I am sure I can wait, but it is terribly unnerving.

An hour is difficult when you feel so deservng.

Everything about you controls my attention.

Endless pursuit is my only intention.