No matter what I do it seems that every conversation I have she comes up.  So much so that this weekend while I was with my friends at a soccer match, my friend’s wife brought her up.  The odd thing is that other than me mentioning a few things about her after I first met her, I don’t think I have talked about her to them.

So I found myself in a conversation about this young woman who has inspired me to be me again, with no idea what to say about her.  Just the mention of her seems to have me tongue-tied. That does explain why I have no idea what to say to her.

I think a few posts ago I mentioned that I try not to deal in absolutes, and since love in my mind is an absolute feeling, I try not to use the word in my poetry.  Today I’m breaking my rule though.

I once thought love was just a simple word.

Something that could come and go on the wings of a bird.

But it is an idea that is too heavy for a simple feather.

Though it lands lightly, to it your heart will quickly tether.

It is the most complex scientific theory.

To attempt to solve it makes one quite weary.

It is absolutely present, but undeniably unprovable.

The sensation appears from thin air, but is completely immoveable.

It gives you the strength to do things you never imagined you could.

Feeling it will make you a better person than you ever thought you would.

The whole concept of it my never be understood or explained.

Once felt, however, its presence is forever ingrained.

When a feeling that strong takes hold, it never let’s go.

To its needs, your life you would throw.