I had to laugh when I read the daily prompt word today.  Dreams happen all the time, but we don’t always remember them, or we remember snippets of what happens and try to fall back to sleep hoping to get to the end.  I do this all the time.  Dreams always seem so much sweeter when you get to the end.

I woke up and started writing this because of a dream I had again last night.  It is a recurring dream I have been having lately, but I usually only remember bits and pieces of it.  Today I had it all in my head and wrote this poem immediately after I got out of bed.

I have this dream where I ask you to dance.

It seems that to be near you that is my only chance.

I have no idea what I am doing and constantly stumble.

You just hold me up no matter how bad I fumble.

We begin to flow at a smooth even pace.

I find myself again locked on your face.

You smile and blush, then bashfully look away.

In this moment, I wish we could forever stay.

I find myself hoping this song will never end.

Wishing that the bands strings continue to bend.

My heart breaks a little as their pace begins to slow.

I have you here for now, an I never want you to go.

As the song ends, we slow, and I awake.

Another dream of you I wish was not fake.