Today’s entry holds a dual meaning.  On one hand it is a call to anyone to rediscover a place that inspires them.  On the other it’s a reminder for me of something I find incredibly attractive in someone.

I have always been amazed by an individual’s ability to draw or paint something in great detail, to the point that it makes you feel like you are there.  Personally I have experienced it with artwork a few times.  I own a beautiful painting of the shoreline of a forested lake, just as the leaves are starting to turn in early fall.  Every time I look at it I find myself wanting to go there, even though I have no idea where it is.  This same feeling I have found in two other pieces of art, another painting I saw recently, and a carved whale bone.

The idea of a piece of art drawing you into it is inspirational in itself, but being able to see the place, event or person that inspired it would be sensational.

Paint me a picture of your favourite place.

Show me the essence and beauty of the space.

Use the colours of you favourite time of year.

Show me the details of this place that gives you such cheer.

Paint it with all the passion you feel when you are there.

Show me how you love it, so that feeling we can share.

Use every range of emotion that this place brings out.

Show me that sensation that makes this the place you tout.

Paint every detail that you know calls to you.

Show me the individuality of this place you are taking me to.

Use it’s very spirit to express your passion.

Show me the soul of this place you fashion.

Take me there, so we can be breathless together.

Take me there, so it can call us both forever.