I started the day feeling a little extra motivated today.  I have always typically got up ready to face the day, but lately I wake up ready to do anything.

The difference that makes in my life is amazing.  Not only do I feel like I am ready to face the day, but I also feel like I have more reasons to get out there and make the most of it every day.  This feeling is likely what leads me to laughing off the problems that I face daily, and just generally facing my days in a better mood.

So I am giving you a little mid-week motivational poem in the spirit of that.

Life does not wait for you to rise.

You must climb and claw to claim its prize.

The way to the top is treacherous and steep.

But you can make it, you just need to dig deep.

No day waits for you to start.

You must arise and work to play your part.

The way to the end is long and hard.

But you can get there, you hold the right card.

The clock does not wait for you to move.

You must push and fight to find your groove.

The way to the finish is painful and tedious.

But you will cross it, you know you are serious.

There is no time or day better than now to earn your place.

Earn it.  Do not stop working.  You can win this race.