My entire life is heavily influenced by music, and I try at least once a week to dive into a discography or even just find a dozen or so hits by a particular artist on YouTube.  I get a kick out of doing it even more since Eric Church released his latest album and I heard Record Year.

A lot of the time this is brought on by me hearing an old favourite on the radio during the day.  Yesterday, that old favourite was Leavin‘ by Paul Brandt.  He is an old favourite for me, although he is not well-known outside of Canadian Country music.

Of course I got home last night and had to listen to more of his music.  Luckily I do own one of his albums, but I spent another hour listening to an online playlist, and came up with this idea; Why not write a poem using a few of his song’s and song titles for inspiration?  So that is what I did.  I may actually try this out the next time I dive into a discography too. (I Italicized song titles by Paul Brandt in case anyone wants to have a listen to his music)

I grew up in a small town.

Since I left I have felt like I am out here on my own.

I started off Alberta bound.

Not long after, home came back around.

I could not stand to stay, so I said I was leavin’.

Even though my heart has a history of retreating.

I didn’t even see the dust as I tore out of the driveway.

I hit the open road to try to find my way.

I have come up short, and that’s the truth, you see.

But I am a Canadian man, so take it from me.

I’m gonna fly, because there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.

What is to come is worth fighting for, no matter what’s come over you.

Any truly rich man still learns his way it seems.

Growing up in a world that starts with small towns and big dreams.