The idea of anyone having a Doppelganger is something I think everyone wonders about at some point or another.   Whether it is seeing someone who looks a lot like someone we know, but we just can’t be sure, or it’s actually meeting someone who you’re certain is someone else.

I probably think about the concept of having a Doppelganger more than most, because I have been confused for someone else on a few occasions.  To the point actually that I had to have a picture taken with a guy I went to University with to prove to people that we weren’t the same person.  That happens when you’re never seen in the same place at the same time though.

To the point of today’s lyrical rant, I actually met someone who looks nearly identical to my muse yesterday.  So naturally I had to write about it.

Is it possible that you could have a complete look-a-like out there?

If you do, meeting her instead of you would be unfair.

Looking like you would not make her enough.

Her image would just be an insensitive bluff.

Meeting your Doppelganger does seem quite intriguing.

But I know a physical copy of you would just be misleading.

To copy your character would be a much greater feat.

Someone as internally beautiful as you would be a great treat.

No replica can ever replace originality.

The real thing, is always the best in reality.

Besides, I am certain you are irreplaceable.

A better woman, would certainly be untraceable.

Still, seeing your Doppelganger would be simply elating.

That would bring you back to my mind, while for you I’m still waiting.