I was lucky enough to get out for an early round yesterday, before the heat really set in.  Golf has always been a tricky game, but I must say its one game I know I can say I love.  No matter how much I can’t stand when a round is going badly, just a good drive, close approach or a great putt is enough to remind me how great the game is.  Sometimes even trekking through the forest to find a ball is enough.

A good course is always smack in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest, bordered by a lake, and crisscrossed by creeks and trails.  All of that is picturesque, but it’s all there to feed on your errant shots, or distract you just enough to miss.  That’s what makes it great.

It’s a game that requires focus, attention to detail and skill, and provides distractions and confidence breaking hazards.  It might mirror life better than other sports can hope for, and just like life, no matter who you’re playing with, it’s only you that can take your shots and get your head back in the game.

Out of my respect for the game, today I pay tribute with an ode to golf.


Golf is an amazing game, but it’s a fickle beast.

Every hazard turns a poorly struck ball into a feast.

An early morning round is always a great start to a day.

But a few strokes in, from that thought your mind will stray.

Hacking through the rough, and digging up sand.

You find yourself praying to make a shot you’ve planned.

Calming your anger, you settle into your stance and drive.

Your ball slices through the trees, to where no golfer can thrive.

Meandering through the brush, you hope to find your ball.

Even though hitting out of this is an order too tall.

Instead of your ball, you find solace in the game.

The next hole you make the shot that makes you glad you came.

Golf is like that.  An uphill battle into a gusting wind.

But there’s always a chance that your next shot is pinned.