Yesterday evening I felt like I needed to clear my head, so in typical fashion I decided a workout was in order.  Usually, by the time I’m done an exhausting workout the only things I can think of are water, food, and sleep.  It seems that’s no longer the case.

Funny how the basic needs can disappear from thought when you’re lost in the idea of someone.  I hope that I capture that concept with this installment.

I went for a run to clear my head.

But I found myself caught up in you instead.

It seems that everything I take joy from.

Memories of finding joy in you come.

Everything from stopping in at a favourite place to cooking a great meal.

I wonder if you would enjoy them too, and allow me a little more of your heart to steal.

It seems that I take you with me no matter where I go.

Memories and thoughts of you are always safely in tow.

How did this come from such limited engagement?

Why is it me that thoughts of missing you must torment?

It seems that it is me you will forever haunt.

Memories of you will be a constant taunt.

I will not let these memories of you break my spirit.

I will once again find you out.  I no longer fear it.