Every day is a little different from the last. For me that’s always true, but for one constant, and that’s always what is on my mind.  No matter what I try to think about, or try to do to get my mind onto something else, it always ventures back to the same thing.

I heard ‘Whatever it is’ by the Zac Brown Band, and realized that song sums up where my head’s at fairly well.  That song is the added inspiration for this poem.

I’ve spent my whole life figuring out what I’ve always wanted.

Whatever it is, that girls got it.

She stole my attention with nothing but her smile.

To see it again, I would swim the Nile.

I’ve looked all my life and not a hint of her I’ve found.

Whatever she’s got, to that girl I’m bound.

She’s on my mind, the thought of her will never rest.

To have her in view, I would scale Everest.

I’ve met thousands of people, but not one like her.

Whatever she is, before her my life was just a blur.

She holds my thoughts, my mind’s been replaced by some mad mans.

To hold her again, I would run the Badlands.

Whatever it is, I struggle to find the right words to say.

Whatever she is, I’m too busy being blown away.