I had a hard time listening to my favourite radio station yesterday, as Country 101.1 in Ottawa held their annual radiothon for CHEO (the local children’s hospital).  It was heartbreaking listening to a lot of the stories of the struggles that those kids go through.

What hit home for me more than anything though, is how much those kids appreciate the little things.  The things like being able to watch a movie during a minor surgery or meeting new people both at the hospital or in their every day lives.  I had to ask myself when the last time was that I appreciated something small in my life.  Unfortunately, as an adult (arguably) I, like many people, don’t always stop to appreciate those things as much as I could.  Although, I can admit I have done a lot more of it lately.

Out of respect for the mindset of those kids, I’m writing about appreciating the small things more.

The small things we too often forget.

It’s always the big things where we have our minds set.

Caught up in the idea of that major end result.

We skip what is needed to get there, and it’s our own fault.

The small steps in between are what gets us there.

So to give them more though would only be fair.

Pay more mind to all of those little things.

Appreciate what each and every one of them brings.

The small move may turn out to be the biggest one we make.

It’s that little move that may give us our break.

A push that causes our plans to catch fire.

We only needed to open the door to start climbing that spire.

The small things are what starts our world on the mend.

It’s those little miracles that mean the most in the end.