Getting an early start can be the best thing for your day, and it’s incredibly refreshing to wake up to the sunrise.  I did just that yesterday, and that’s what this entry is about.

An early morning sunrise.
The days first picturesque prize.
Waking to the pre-dawn chirping of birds.
That brings the advantage of enjoying this sight beyond words.
As the suns light peaks over the distant hills.
It starts immediately cutting through the early morning chills.
Sparkling it’s way across this perfectly calm lake.
What a fresh scene to be the days first to intake.
The colourful hues paint the dawn sky a perfect picture.
A beauty such as this cannot be described in scripture.
Colours brightening and fading in mere moments must be seen.
If only a brush could paint this perfect scene.
Dawn must end for today, but tomorrow it will come again.
The colours and beauty of a different pallette I will see then.