Some days it doesn’t matter how nice the weather is, or what there is I could be doing, all I want to do is shut myself in and relax.  When I have those days I often unwind with a book, or work on something I’ve been writing, but sometimes all I want to do is just laze around listening to music.  My Sunday started out that way this weekend.  Even though I ended up getting out in the evening, I managed to shut myself in for a good long while to just unwind and think.

I’m posting this today to catch up for my missed day over the weekend.  Wouldn’t want anyone thinking I didn’t write something every day.

Today I just want to be alone.

Unplug from the world, turn off my phone.

I don’t want to find any form of distraction.

Just simply, I want to tune out all of life’s action.

Let the world keep turning, I’m staying right here.

Away from the commotion, I want to steer.

I just want to relax, maybe I’ll stay in bed.

Whatever it takes for me to clear my head.

Lock all my doors and close every blind.

Bit by bit, I’ll leave the world behind.

I’ll find myself a little at a time.

Alone, but free from it all, it will be sublime.

I’m not going to feel angry, lonely or sad.

I’m just going to revel in the good, and block out the bad.