Working hard for something is rewarding because nothing feels as good as being able to look at something you’ve accomplished after a hard day of work and appreciating what it took to get there.  I was lucky enough to help out some friends with a few small projects this weekend, and I felt that I should pay that tribute in a way.

There’s something to be said about getting your hands covered in dirt.

It’s good for your soul to just work hard through a little hurt.

The feel of a little ache in your shoulders.

Wiping the sweat off your brow, while the sun overhead smolders.

Pushing on through the aches and the pain on a hot afternoon.

Working on through the laborious strain to get the job done soon.

Little scrapes and scratches slow your progress.

But nothing matches your commitment to your process.

Straining everything into its proper place.

The draining effort required shows on your face.

As the pieces fall into place, you see the end to your work.

When you start to put on the finishing touches, you feel yourself smirk.

Getting through a hard days work seems so satisfying.

Enjoying a cold drink and admiring the results is so gratifying.