I definitely had a moment where I thought I was losing my mind before writing today’s poem.  Yesterday was the second time that I could have sworn I saw her and it was someone else again.  Not a real surprise I guess, but it’s certainly messing with my head.

I could swear I saw your face today.

I hoped that this time I could make you stay.

As I drew nearer, I wished for your smile.

But I knew it was not you, I was just in denial.

It was just another moment I wanted to see you.

That I miss you this much, I cannot deny to be true.

The thought of you continues to weigh heavy on my mind.

Any reason to be free of you, I cannot find.

Truthfully, I hope to find you in every thought.

I don’t have a storyline, without you in the plot.

Every breath I breathe, every step I take.

Every word I write, every creation I make.

No matter how great or small.

You are the inspiration for it all.