One thing about a rainy day that is completely incomparable to anything else is running in the rain.  There is something about it that is completely refreshing, maybe even cleansing in a way.

I’m hopeful that it starts raining when I get out for my morning run today, because writing this certainly put that mindset in my head.

The rain falls heavy from the dark clouds above.

It won’t stop me from being out here on the move.

No matter how drenched I get.

My desire won’t be wet.

My shoes pound the trail to the rhythm of the rain.

Rain drops soaking in, through every inch I gain.

No matter how slick the trail.

My spirits won’t derail.

Every sense strains forward through every rain drop.

This cleansing run is not near its stop.

No matter how long this rain will fall.

My legs will continue to give their all.

The rain falls heavy to wash away the hurt.

So I push on through mud and dirt.