One of my favourite things is when the power is out.  As long as it’s not in the dead of winter anyway.

A blackout is about as close to complete silence as you can be without locking yourself in a sound proof room.  That’s what I love about it, being free of the constant background noise of electricity.  I’m writing about that feeling today.

The constant hum is gone.

The background noise is done.

It is dark, but for the light from the sun.

It is eerie, but for the moment I feel at one.

I light a candle for it’s added glow.

But I don’t mind the light this low.

The dimness of dawn provides enough light.

And in this place I don’t need my sight.

I like this calmness in the midst of the city.

That it can’t be everyday is such a pity.

This silence is so refreshing.

That it can’t stay is almost crushing.

Maybe one day the noise will be drowned out.

Until then I’ll hope for another blackout.