Have you ever looked back at a situation and realized that you got out of it just in time?  I’ve had a few occasions recently where I’ve heard about something or someone from my past and realized that I got away from impending doom unscathed.

It’s an interesting feeling knowing you avoided something that would have drastically altered your life.  Even though change is good, sometimes there’s just no way you could be ready for it.

That moment you realize, you broke free from something terrible.

You actually managed to escape a situation that was unbearable.

Luckily for you, everything fell into the right place.

Your pursuer finally gave up on their chase.

The moment you get the chance to look back and say “Phew.”

You squeaked away unscathed, able to begin anew.

Thankfully for you, no one found a way to discover.

Your opportunity arose to start over.

A moment is all it took to break away.

You evaded the last obstacle pulling you into the fray.

Incredibly for you, you eluded this strife.

Your moving on, may have saved your life.

Funny how life turns out sometimes so fairly.

This news you just got, is a bullet you dodged barely.