There’s many ways to clear your head, and I have written about one or two already.  Unfortunately for me, I’m writing about trying to clear my head again, but eventually I’ll find something that works.  At least I hope I do.

Sometimes when life’s burdens weigh too heavy.

I get out of the house and drive my Chevy.

I’ll follow the river to some little town.

Or just hit the highway and lay the hammer down.

I’ll go North or South, or East or West.

It does not matter as long as I can put my mind to rest.

Just keep on going until my head is clear.

Then I’ll stop in some little place for an ice cream or beer.

Roll the windows down and hit the road.

Just go until your good, there’s no secret code.

Find a good station and crank up the sound.

Drive until you know you’re ready to turn around.

As the wind rolls past, life’s burdens will dissipate.

Even if it takes a few days down the Interstate.