There is no introduction to today’s post other than this.  It’s subject matter is unfortunately something we all deal with on different scales.

While the world erupts in violence.

I sit in a solemn silence.

Hoping that soon there will come a day.

When all of humanity can find a better way.

People kill one another over colour, race, religion and sexuality.

Instead of holding dear the diversities of human frailty.

This terror does not require any specific season.

Its evil threatens without any true reason.

I question everyone, why can peace not be found?

The reasons to strive for it are all around.

From love and family, it can be seen in any mothers nurture.

The wind in the trees or a still lake, its in all the joys of nature.

Yet still the world mourns in solemn silence.

Not a day passes without more tales of violence.

B.D. Woods