I was out at the Ottawa RedBlacks football game last night, and may have enjoyed myself a little more than I should have on a Monday night.  The boys won though, even if it was just a pre-season game, it’s always good to see a win.

After my post yesterday I wanted to post something lighter, and being that I had a little bout with the self-inflicted sickness this morning, I thought this would suit.

Here’s to the weekday hangover.

That Monday night you’d gladly do over.

To waking up with a pounding head.

Having that moment of thinking you’d rather be dead.

Here’s to crushing beers with some great friends.

Wishing nights like this didn’t have ends.

To putting them back while watching the game.

Having that moment on a Monday, where you forget your name.

Here’s to spending time with friends so great.

All these moments that share a most endearing trait.

To finding that feeling of near senselessness.

Having that moment where you reach a different consciousness.

Cheers all around, for the moments that matter.

Though the older we grow, the more they scatter.