Some days I do a lot of daydreaming, especially if my work day is slow or I have nothing to do.  When I do daydream it involves getting away from the city, and always includes being with someone I care about.  This entry pretty much sums up the average daydream for me.

When I daydream, it’s always of you.

I imagine a place where it’s just us two.

Enjoying a serene hike through a remote forest.

Arriving at dusk at an old log cabin to rest.

Lighting a fire to fend off the evening chill.

Holding you close, while everything around us goes still.

Nodding off in each others warm embrace.

Knowing that with you, I have everything I need in this place.

Waking at dawn holding you to the fading of the last glowing ember.

The sight of you dreaming, something I’ll always remember.

Wishing I could stay here with you for all eternity.

Being here with you is where I find serenity.

I pull you close, to get the most from every moment.

If this weren’t just a daydream, it would be the best time ever spent.