Sometimes distraction is a good thing sometimes it’s not.  Being distracted all the time can be full of problems, but also always provides a solution to those problems because you’re easily distracted from them.

I can see you everywhere, no matter whether my eyes are open or closed.

I can’t escape you anywhere, to you I am always exposed.

This image of you causes me great distraction.

It inhibits my every basic reaction.

I’ve tried everything to push you from my mind.

There is nothing that will allow a hint of the solace I must find.

The very thought of you has a grip on my heart.

It is with me from every days start.

I arise every day to realize more that I cannot let you go.

I struggle this way, knowing for the rest of my life this may be so.

The pain of letting go is outweighed by hope.

It keeps me moving forward along life’s slippery slope.

Losing hope of finding you seems a horrible crime.

I swear then to hold on ’til the end of time.