When my mind drifts off to whatever it seems to want to think about, usually I refocus it quite quickly.  Sometimes though I just let it go.

The problem with letting it go, is that it’s often pulling you to somewhere you’d rather be.  Once you’re there It’s hard to return, especially when you don’t really want to.

At every point of my day, my mind is lost.

I need to get it back, but at what cost.

It’s impossible to catch, even when it wanders aimlessly.

It will be the death of me, chasing it recklessly.

To reel it back in I need a plan.

But can I even catch it in this life span?

It wanders quickly through dreams of love and freedom.

It cannot be caught there in its own kingdom.

Should I lay some elaborate trap for my mind?

A way to trick myself surely I cannot find.

It’s near impossible for me to confuse my own thought.

It surely knows my plans and cannot be caught.

For eternity, it seems my mind will wander away.

Until I find something that will make it stay.