I grew up with three brothers in the then little town of Sutton, Ontario.  Looking back at my childhood, it has become clear that we had it really good.  None of us really grew up glued to the television or computer screen, we didn’t really play video games all that much until we were older, and we had lots of wide open space to run and discover the world around us.

A lot of kids don’t get that now for many reasons, there’s always the fear that something will happen to them, typically both parents are at work which gives those kids less opportunity to be outside and supervised, and of course it’s really easy to let characters on TV raise your children for you.

My brothers and I owe a lot to both of our parents, but I know that our Dad made sure that we had a lot of the things that we had access to growing up.  We all played multiple organized sports and we all learned skills from him that we will hopefully pass along to our kids one day.

Four boys ran and played and got covered in dirt.

Our world as kids nearly free from dangers and hurt.

We could do anything our minds could think of.

We all had the right stick, bat, ball or glove.

Any day we had everything we needed to imagine any adventure.

That we would discover new things we were always sure.

We went on all kinds of different field trips.

Every day we learned from our father abundance of tips.

He taught us to climb and work, and play and throw.

We learned how things rose and fell, and how to make things grow.

He taught us how to camp and canoe, and explore and hike.

We learned how to play sports and how to ride a bike.

Our dad was there every time one of us fell.

When we needed to learn, he always had a story to tell.