Back on the subject of dreaming. I’m starting to dream a lot of where I want to be, getting out of the city, and just being surrounded by nature.

I lay here alone in my bed.

Thinking of where I’d rather be instead.

I drift to a place deep in the wilderness.

A place that is beautiful just in its remoteness.

I can hear a trickling stream nearby.

Overhead, I’m engulfed by a clear star-filled sky.

I hear leaves rustling in a brisk evening breeze.

A distant howl of a wolf is enough to make me freeze.

I warm myself by a crackling campfire.

The heat relaxing me to the point I tire.

I feel the activity in the forest starting to slow.

The smoke grows thick as the fire burns low.

From inside the cabin, I’m beckoned to bed.

The cool night air holds me here instead.