A great thunderstorm rolled through here in the evening yesterday right around sunset.  I enjoyed watching and listening to it as the beautiful palette of pinks and reds of the sunset turned to a dark grey and then black.  The thunder rolling in the distance as the storm approached.

Off in the distance I hear the thunder roll.

The clouds blow in, as black as coal.

The rain starts its steady beat on the ground.

Washing away the heat with its soothing sound.

A flash of lightning brightens the air.

The crash of thunder follows with a jolting scare.

The lightning continues clearing the static.

Crashing often, but completely sporadic.

As the rain continues, the nigh begins to cool.

The droplets below begin to pool.

The rain cleans all the dirt from my windows scene.

Slowly, I can see it drawing out natures palette of green.

The storm rolled through and cleansed the earth.

Showing itself a valuable piece of natures worth.