I got carried away writing this, I swear it just started as a single poem, and then it felt like I could turn it into a poetic short story.  So I did.

My current obsession is clearly with getting out into nature, and experiencing it while the summer lasts.  I’m pretty sure I’ve captured that concept, it’s just a longer than normal read.

Pushing off, I float away from shore.

Leaving behind a world that has become such a bore.

A few paddle strokes and I’ve left it behind.

Getting out on the water to see what I’ll find.

Pushing forward, I paddle up stream.

Leaving behind reality, for the world of which I dream.

A few more paddle strokes and I have it in sight.

Getting out on the water today just feels right.

Pushing on, I cast out into the lake.

Leaving behind the river and finding the place for which I ache.

A few more paddle strokes, and I’ll come ashore.

Getting out of the water to see what the trail has in store.

Pushing my canoe up into the trees, I set off on the trail.

Leaving it all behind for happiness.  So begins my tale.


Pushing up hill, I rise away from the water.

Leaving behind its cool breeze, as the air grows hotter.

A few long strides and I’m in the thick of the forest.

Getting out of the sun should give me some rest.

Pushing forward, I move along the trail.

Leaving behind the open air, for that which is musty and stale.

A few more strides and the trees start to blot out the sun.

Getting out of the heat is finally done.

Pushing on, I cut through the maze of trees.

Leaving behind the open track, as the trail begins to squeeze.

A few more strides and I’m nearly in the dark.

Getting out in the open now isn’t so stark.

Pushing over the hills crest, I have open trail in sight.

Leaving all these trees behind will be good. It was growing tight.


Pushing down the trail I see my goal in the distance.

Leaving behind the thick brush, I can now take in this expanse.

A few steps and I’m out in the open.

Getting out of the trees, I can see nature’s span.

Pushing forward, I cruise steadily down hill.

Leaving behind the hard climb, it becomes easy not to be still.

A few more steps and I can feel the breeze.

Getting out in the open is nicer than the musty trees.

Pushing on, I seem to glide along the track.

Leaving behind the hard work, I feel my energy come back.

A few more steps and I feel I could hike all day.

Getting out on the trail, I know I could forever stray.

Pushing my mind back, I remember the end result.

Leaving reality behind.  I’m ready to lock that vault.


Pushing toward my end goal, my steps quicken.

Leaving behind the meandering pace of which I had stricken.

A few quick lunges and I’m closing fast.

Getting out of that slow pace of recent past.

Pushing forward, my site catches my eye.

Leaving behind the thought of it, to get there I become more spry.

A few more lunges and I’m almost there.

Getting out to it, so it’s beauty I can finally share.

Pushing on, I reach the edge of this place.

Leaving behind the disappointing reality for this wide open space.

A few more lunges and I’m running free.

Getting out to this, has filled me with glee.

Pushing everything else away, I feel true freedom.

Leaving my burdens behind me.  I return to Mother Nature’s kingdom.


Pushing open the cabin door where I’ll settle in.

I’ve left behind all of the worst of the real world’s din.

A few days out here and I’ll be refreshed.

Getting out of my head all the things of which I’ve obsessed.

Pushing forward I enter this perfect retreat.

I’ve left behind all of my problems, to have this under my feet.

A few more days out here and I’ll be a different man.

Getting out of my mind the redundant daily plan.

Pushing in, I return to the reality I love so much.

I’ve left behind my sins, for nature’s cleansing touch.

A few more days out here and I’ll completely recover.

Getting out all my demons, the real me I’ll discover.

Pushing everything bad away, I shut myself into this place.

I’ve left it all behind me.  Now to open my writing case.