I took in the evening along the Rideau River last night.  I had to use my imagination to really see the beauty of it, but it was there beneath the noise of the people at the Dragonboat Festival and the concert going on further down the beach.

I relax on the shore, awaiting the approach of twilight.

Here I sit on this bench it the dwindling light.

The air cools, and the forest grows still.

The hoot of an owl cuts through the air so shrill.

I take in the evening with my feet in the sand.

Here I sit taking in nature’s twilight band.

The croak of frogs keep time, fish jump adding a symbol splash.

The birds sing their evening song, adding just the right dash.

I enjoy the sunset, as it drops out over the river.

Here I sit, watching the sun become just a thin light sliver.

The light fades to dark in the midst of the forest.

The sounds fade as the woods takes its rest.

I love the calm of dusk here.

Here where I sit enjoying the silent cheer.