This time last year I was camping on this pristine little lake West of Ottawa.  I found myself thinking of it recently, wishing that I was there again this weekend no doubt.  I’m hoping to get out camping again soon, but until then writing about it will have to do.

In the morning mist I can hear the loons.

Echoing across the lake in their eerie tunes.

Other than their calls, the lake is silent.

It is a perfect setting to take in beside my tent.

The morning chill refreshes the air.

Waking me up, as over the still water I stare.

Through the chill my senses start to ignite.

A warming sensation arises, as the East shows first light.

In the morning sky, I can see the horizon catch fire.

Burning through the forest, it’s a sight to inspire.

Over the distant hills, the sun slowly rises.

It is a perfect view as my body arises.

The morning burns through my weary soul.

Igniting my spirit to take on the day as a whole.