A hot weekend, leads to a few lazy afternoons on the water.  Especially, when you spend your mornings working up a sweat.   Getting into some cool water is about the best way to beat the heat in the summer, and it’s amazing how we all flock to it when we can.

In the heat of the afternoon sun we bask.

To find a bit of shade a daunting task.

A breeze of the lake, just enough to keep us cool.

To do anything in this heat we’d consider you a fool.

The sun beats down on the sand and rocks.

We all wade out into the lake in flocks.

A cool dip is a start to getting us refreshed.

Better than baking in the sun, coming slowly undressed.

The burn of these rays, lays present on our skin.

A tiring feeling washes over us making heads spin.

Nice cold drinks are passed around to cure the daze.

Needed refreshment in this afternoon haze.

In the heat of the afternoon sun we continue to roast.

Enjoying the heat of the summer on this sandy coast.