A gruelling hike or run on a hot summer day in the forest has a certain feeling about it.  It hurts, wears you out, breaks your confidence, and sometimes just plain sucks, but we do it because the reward is worth it in the end.

Through the trees I press toward my goal.

I know this path will take its toll.

Fighting through the branches and exposed roots.

Every step adds some weight to the heavy boots.

Through slippery streams and over steep hills.

My momentum, my aching leg slowly kills.

Stumbling on ascents and slipping on wet stones.

Every step adds strain on my weary bones.

Through a stand of pines I keep pushing forward.

I feel stabs of pain like that from a little sword.

Stinging through my boots into my calloused heel.

Every step adds new pain for me to feel.

Through the trees I push on to this trails end.

I know the view is all that’s needed to put me on the mend.