Lately I’ve been on a bit of a path of self-realization and discovery, that led me to try out something for a few recent posts, Focussing Everything and Pushing Away.  I’m really digging into my passions and stretching my abilities as a writer to describe those feelings.  At least that’s how I feel about it.

I dig deep and find parts of myself I’ve never seen.

Finding this has taken me places I’ve never been.

It amazes me to find this within myself.

A hidden gem I found on a long forgotten shelf.

Beneath my haggard exterior this was found.

A piece of me I’d all but drowned.

That it didn’t let go, I thankfully know.

A glimmer of light that held in tow.

Under the fraud, of a jaded mockery.

Was found this piece that pulled me from misery.

It blows me away to find myself again.

A true person I’ve become in this flawed world of men.

Digging deep I’ve found the real me.

What I shall make of it, the world will see.